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Many of my fans/followers/groupies/stalkers (pick one) have been asking who’s this Phillie I love. WHO IS PHILLIE?

Phillie’s my dawg! Well, not really. But yeah. You get it. We come from da’ streets yo! But Phillie rocks my dog world! He’s soft, yet strong. White, yet black. Serious, yet playful. Mysterious, yet loving. He’s gentle when I’m feeling vulnerable, yet rough when I’m frisky. He’s more than just MY cat. He’s my Phillie. My brother from another mother.IMG_3609
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Simon’s Cat is pretty funny. Reminds me of my Phillie, my cat, who’s oodles cuter than Simon’s Cat, but I’m sure Simon agrees. Phillie’s CUTE!!! Check out his YouTube videos. Start with this one which helps raise awareness for animal obesity.

“Simon’s Sister’s Dog in ‘Fed Up'”

IMG02099Like Chongalicious, but even better. I’m Kayalicious. I took mom’s Blackberry while she wasn’t looking and decided to take a sexily seductive pic of myself. You know, kind of like the ones you see on MySpace and Facebook. You know EXACTLY what I’m referring to. Usually they’re posing in front of their narrow front doorways/halls or posing in front of a messy background or unattended little baby. Here I am, looking all sexy as I sit back on Daddy’s pillows. Do you want me?

IMG01631It’s hard being me. I mean, between my naps, playing with Phillie, playing with Mom (she doesn’t like me referring to her as ‘my human’), drinking water, napping again, eating, licking my butt, scratching my neck, playing with Phillie again, looking at the neighbors from the balcony, peeing, barking at the street dogs, threatening to chase iguanas and birds, drinking more water, licking Phillie’s empty sac, taking another nap, and so on, and so forth, who wouldn’t be tired?!?! So after such a busy day I need a nap. Many naps. But then comes along you know who with her stupid cameras. Here I am, minding my own business, napping on her pillows, and she proceeds to take pictures. WITH FLASH NONETHELESS!